The University of Coimbra is located in the city of Coimbra, in Portugal. It is one of the oldest operating universities in the world and the oldest in the country.

Its history dates back to the century following that of the very foundation of the Portuguese nation, having been created in 1290, specifically on March 1st, when King D. Dinis I signed the Scientiae Thesaurus Mirabilis document in Leiria, to create the university, and asked the Pope for the confirmation.

Today it is organized into eight different faculties according to a variety of fields of knowledge and offers all academic degrees in architecture, education, engineering, humanities, law, mathematics, medicine, natural sciences, psychology, social sciences and sports.

The University of Coimbra has approximately 20,000 students and houses one of the largest and most cosmopolitan communities of international students in Portugal.

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Paço das Escolas
3004-531 Coimbra
Tel.: (+351) 239 859 810 /20 /40 /90

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