Having been founded in 1973, the ‘Universidade do Minho’ (Minho University) received its first students in the academic year 1975/76. Today the University is recognized for the competence and quality of its faculty, its research excellence, its wide offer in training, its graduate and post-graduate education and its high level of interaction with other institutions. For these reasons, UMinho is a central actor in the region, an important national reference and a recognized partner in the European and global scenario. The University is located in northern Portugal and has a campus in the city of Braga and another in Guimarães.

Braga is the 3rd largest city in Portugal, born of the ancient Roman city of Bracara Augusta. Classified as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, Guimarães is known as the “cradle of the nation”.

The University has distinguished itself by the excellence of its teaching and research in the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials engineering and information technology.

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Largo do Paço
4704-553 Braga
Tel.: 253 601 100 /101/109/
Fax: 253 612 248
Email: gcii@reitoria.uminho.pt

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