Exploration & Production

The R&D activity in this thematic area will focus on Prospecting, Exploration and Characterization of Petroleum Reservoirs and on Development, Production and Integrated Management of Oilfields.

The main objectives are to create value, focusing on finding appropriate solutions to the technological challenges that are faced in the projects in which Galp Energia takes part.

R&D Lines
  • Frontier projects, such as those in which GALP participates in Brazil, Angola and Mozambique, with great impact on maximizing the value of the assets. They are divided into two major groups:
    • Nature and geological variability of the deposit with the management of reservoirs.
    • Technical problems associated with production facilities, processing and disposal of hydrocarbons and associated constituents.
  • Projects with potential for “technological leapfrogging”, creators of solutions that enable valuing innovations, technologies and expertise developed in research centres, preferably Portuguese and Brazilian.
  • Shared and multidisciplinary projects and programs, which may contribute to consolidating and updating knowledge of technical and scientific progress, which may constitute capital gains for the oil industry.
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